Unique Challenges:

Since the stock HCG diet plan calls for meat, those who do not consume meat can be particularly vexed by the HCG diet.  For vegetarians that do consume dairy products, they may consume 500cc of skim milk each day.  Likewise, vegetarians who do consume eggs may consume one whole egg, along with the whites of three additional eggs, boiled or poached.  Other alternatives include a half-cup of non-fat cottage cheese or non-fat plain yogurt, with no sugar added.  Given the starch content, vegetarians will be abstaining from the customary vegetable protein sources of rice, beans, nuts, and wheat.  For those who can consume soy products, sugar free soymilk is an alternative to skim cow’s milk.  Finally, for vegetarians who consume seafood, they may partake of shrimp, lobster, prawns, and crabmeat as a substitute for chicken or beef.


Good Health:

For vegetarians, be sure to take daily vitamins and minerals.  Likewise, drink plenty of fluids, but be sure to skip the sugar in tea and coffee, and drink juice in moderation.

HCG Slim Track and Vegetarians: For vegetarians, the HCG diet can be tricky to navigate.  Knowing which foods to consume, those which complement your HCG diet, can be complicated.


HCG Slim Track will design a meal plan specifically tailored to your particular needs and dieting restrictions.